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What are cookies?
Cookies are small portions of information recorded by your browser when you visit the website. They identify your browser and improve the operation of the service. In the browser settings, you can select the option to reject cookie files, but this may cause some functions of the service to operate incorrectly. Cookies contain no personal data.

How and why do we use cookies?

  • Authentication

We use cookie files to identify a logged in user in order to display information corresponding to the user’s rights in the service.

  • Security

We use cookie files to support mechanisms ensuring security on the website.

  • Preferences, functions and services

We use cookie files to obtain information on the user’s language and communication preferences and to ensure continuity of service.

  • Performance, analysis and testing

We use cookie files to find out how efficiently our website work. We use them to understand, improve and test functions and services, including situations where users are referred to the website from other sites or applications.

Cookie files related to Internet surveys come from Google Inc. Using the Google Analytics software, the website embeds a tracking code on the user’s computer which allows user data collection. The user may object to data collection by Google Analytics any time by changing the web browser settings.


Types of cookies used on

Cookie type

What are they used for?

Strictly necessary cookies

Necessary for the correct operation of they enable the user to navigate around them and use their features.

Performance cookies

Collecting information about how visitors use the website by supplying information about pages visited, the time they spend there and problems they encounter, such as error messages. This makes it possible to improve the functioning of the website.

Functionality cookies

Remembering visitor choices and preferences (e.g. user name, region, personalized content settings) in order to deliver personalized content and services.